suse installation problems

Ken Gosier ken at
Sun Aug 6 18:43:50 EDT 2006

Hi, I picked up SuSe 10.1 from CompUSA, and I can't start the
installation. The steps I've followed are:

1) My CDrom drive is not bootable. When I place the first CD into the
drive and reboot, the CDrom drive is ignored and the PC boots into

2) I checked the user manual, on pg. 213, for "No bootable CDRom drive
available" This referred me to pg. 51 for creating boot and rescue disks.

3) pg. 51 for creating boot and rescue disks assumes I am already running
YaST. ie. It assumes I'm already halfway through the installation process.

Um, help? SuSe's tech support is only around 9-4 Mon-Fri. :-(

Ken Gosier
ken at
ken_gosier at

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