Mozilla Mail and IMAP problem

Tom Metro blu at
Sat Aug 5 12:13:11 EDT 2006

Scott R Ehrlich wrote:
> "The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: Message
> contains bare newlines."
> What are my options to try and migrate the problematic messages back to the
> server?

If there are only a few messages, you might try having the user forward 
them to himself. A round trip through the MTA will probably clean that 
up. If the side effects of forwarding (altered headers) are 
unacceptable, you can try:

1. cleaning up the file in Mozilla's local storage. The messages are 
stored in the common Berkeley mailbox format. Load the appropriate 
mailbox into a good editor and seek out the newlines. Or process the 
mailbox with a Perl regular expression, if you have Perl handy.

2. Have the user save the message to an individual file. Then pipe it 
back into the mail system, similar to forwarding, but the user visible 
headers will mostly remain untouched. You can accomplish re-injection 
using a tool like 'postie' or 'blat' on Windows, or copy the file to a 
handy Linux box and do "sendmail user < message".


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