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Jerry Feldman gaf at
Mon Aug 7 08:07:22 EDT 2006

On Sunday 06 August 2006 6:43 pm, Ken Gosier wrote:
> Hi, I picked up SuSe 10.1 from CompUSA, and I can't start the
> installation. The steps I've followed are:
> 1) My CDrom drive is not bootable. When I place the first CD into the
> drive and reboot, the CDrom drive is ignored and the PC boots into
> Windows.
> 2) I checked the user manual, on pg. 213, for "No bootable CDRom drive
> available" This referred me to pg. 51 for creating boot and rescue disks.
> 3) pg. 51 for creating boot and rescue disks assumes I am already running
> YaST. ie. It assumes I'm already halfway through the installation
> process.
> Um, help? SuSe's tech support is only around 9-4 Mon-Fri. :-(
We have a lot of SuSE experience on this list. I have been using SuSE since 
SuSE 5.1 replaced my Debian system. I currently run SuSE 10.0 on my 
desktops at home and at work and 10.1 on my laptop.

Additionally, SuSE 10.1 can be started from floppy disks.
If you look on CD1, you will see a boot directory. In that directory under 
the i386 directory, you will see a perl executable, mkbootdisk as well as 
README and README.DOS. The README will give you instructions how to create 
the boot floppies. There should be 6 or so needed because the modular 
kernel may need to load modules.  So, if you are unable to boot the CD by 
changing the BIOS settings, create the floppies, and boot from them. 

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