How to use MRTG to monitor an application's bandwidth use?

John Abreau john.abreau at
Tue Aug 29 17:32:39 EDT 2006

Matt Shields wrote:

> Ok, someone may need to correct me, but your Application and the Network
> operate at different levels in the protocol stack.  So mrtg alone is
> impossible.  When you poll your router it is only going to report what
> data is passed alone its interfaces.  You could setup something like
> NTOP to monitor your firewall for connections, then look at the
> summarized traffic report and see what it says for the destination
> everyone is connecting to.

Ntop? I'll take a look at that. I've got a Cisco PIX firewall; ntop runs
on a separate machine and can pull statistics off the PIX, right?

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