Thanks for the mail sending help at the last meeting

Christoph christoph at
Mon Aug 28 08:09:02 EDT 2006

I run a Cryus IMAP server at home.  So household systems use the
Evolution mail client, and my treo uses it's imap  mail client.
However, in order for my treo to send email, I need smtp, so tunneling
will not work.  Thus I enabled (and require) SMTP login for relay with
(if i recall) SASL (encryption).  Works like a charm...

Just try postfix -v ... it'll give you a verbose list of options.  Wait,
maybe that just gives you the version.  Nope it gives you the list of
options that are NOT support.  Strike that, -v is for volume (it makes
postfix really loud) .... :-)  Just having fun with with the other
discussion thread [Re: Why do people screw around...]


On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 10:13 -0400, David Kramer wrote:
> At the last meeting, I asked about setting up my postfix mail server so
> that I can securely send mail from my laptop remotely, using some kinda
> SMTP authentication.  The advice I got was to not do that, but set up an
> openvpn connection between my server and my laptop.
> I got the VPN working, but I couldn't send mail, because it said "relay
> denied".  A little poking led me to add the VPN IP address to the
> $mynetworks variable in the postfix config file, and now it all works.
> Oh, for bonus points, I set up Firefox to use "" for
> SMTP.  Then I use SUSE's SCPM (System Configuration Profile Manager) to
> switch between two versions of /etc/hosts, one that maps
> to my server's internal card, and one that maps
> to the VPN address.  Way cool.
> Thanks.
> Is there any security risk from using the default port and IP address
> for VPN, or should I change it to something more obscure?

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