setting up ubuntu dhcp hostname

Tuomas Utrecht tuomas.utrecht at
Fri Aug 25 17:10:51 EDT 2006

i just installed ubuntu it was really easy. my friend wants to "ssh into" my
old computer. he was at my house. he said i have to set my hostname when i
dchp and get my address so that the network knows my computers name.

i keep searching and i found that if i run /etc/init.d/networking restart
then i can reconnect to my network. i also found that in /etc/hostname it
just says "tuomas" which is my computers name. and my name.

can i tell the restart to look at that file so it tells my nic card to be
tuomas not can i tell it to do this when it starts so i dont
have to do it every morning?

im sorry i have to ask such an easy question but my roommate is gone today
and i want to start learning about linux. that is all he uses.

thanks everybody! tuomas

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