Problems with Firefox???

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Thu Aug 24 17:02:39 EDT 2006

I work with a partner by logging in to a Citrix Metaframer server, which 
then allows me to connect through to the systems I'm working with.
I can successfully log in from my home system: SuSE 10.0 Firefox
I can successfully log in from my laptop system:  SuSE 10.1 Firefox 
both at a conference where I have wireless access and at work through a 
proxy server.
However, on my desktop system at work: SuSE 10.0 Firefox
I just got back from a conference, and when I log into the Citrix system, it 
presents me with the application choices screen with icons for the hosts I 
can log into. I then get a dialog box for "Opening Launch.asp" and presents 
me with Open With gedit. 

It looks like somehow Firefox decided that active server pages were evil 
(that might be true). 

In any case, I can log in through my laptop, so I can get the task done that 
I had planned on. I didn't see anything in file associations. 

There are a couple of things I plan on doing further, that is to reinstall 
the Citrix Client. I downloaded the client on my laptop on Tuesday at the 
conference, but the client is the same one I had installed here previously.  
The other thing is to check it out at home tonight, but on that system  I 
am still logged into the partner's system. 
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