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Wed Aug 23 20:18:25 EDT 2006

> Hi Guys,
> I've pretty much switched to Suse entirely, but am unable to figure out
> how to perform a backup.  I assume there must be a CP parameter that will
> say "copy everything in this directory recursively (hidden files too) and
> verify them for size when you are done."
> Does anyone use a script or program they like or would be willing to share
> to backup their files to a removeable drive?
I'm on my laptop remotely at the HP/Intel Developers Forum so I'll be brief.
There are a number of backup starategies that you can use.
Among them is simply to tar up the directory tree:
cd <top of tree>
tar czvf <name of tarfile> .
Additionally, the cp command has a -r paramerter for recursive. Also
remember the -p flag as it preserves permissions.
rsync is another tool you can use. Both rsync and tar allow you to exclude
or include files. Rsync has a log of options, and also has a log file.

Amanda is a backup program. I'm not sure if it is on the SuSE media or not.

I think that rsync can also do directory comparisons. The other programs
will fail on an I/O error.

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