Changing font size in firefox

Matthew Gillen me at
Tue Aug 22 10:55:37 EDT 2006

dan at wrote:
> Matthew Gillen writes:
> -+--------------------
>  | That sounds likely.  Damn flash hijacks all kinds of stuff.
>  |  When my mouse is over flash my gestures
>  | (
>  | don't work.
>  | 
> W.r.t. "gestures" -- As someone who hates
> his touchpad enough already, you may've
> just explained to me a collection of weird
> and intermittent browser behavior that I
> had heretofore thought was a set of bugs,
> not a set of features.  I'll try to RTFM,
> but is there on OFF button for "gestures"?

I think there is, but I think you're talking about gestures in a different
context.  I was referring to the gestures Firefox extension.  Those are
gestures I want.

I think you're referring to touch-pad gestures.  My laptop broke a long time
ago, and I haven't bothered trying to get it repaired, so I don't mess around
with those much anymore.  However, you may find this page useful:
Check the TouchpadOff option...


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