router/printing problems

Bill Mills-Curran bill at
Tue Aug 22 06:27:06 EDT 2006

Thanks for all the suggestions from the group.

There were several requests for a more clear description of the
setup.  Here it is:

Verizon FIOS DSL <=> 
   Actiontek router ( <=> 
      LinkSys router ( <=>

Linux box (with samba printer):

windows box (needing to print):

The fix:
  1.  Enable printing from 192.168.2.x in the samba setup.  (I'm not
      sure that helped, because the LinkSys router was set up as a
      gateway, thus the print request showed up from

  2.  Set up a route to the 192.168.2.x network on my linux box.

  3.  Lots of mucking around with the LinkSys.  I also opened it up to
      all outside access.  I also set "dynamic routing".

  4.  Whacked at the windows box quite a bit.  It finally (magically?)
      started working.

Unresolved questions:

1.  What did I do to make it work?

2.  Why do I need to keep the LinkSys set with the "gateway" rather
    than the "router" setting?  If I set "router", then I can access
    between the 2 networks nicely, but the 192.168.2.x will not route
    to the internet.  Maybe I needed a static route?

It would be nice to understand what was the key.  I'd also like to
understand how to set the LinkSys as a router rather than a gateway,
but at least it works and my wife is no longer reminding me how much
linux messes things up.  :-)


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