David Kramer david at
Fri Aug 18 22:53:04 EDT 2006

Derek Atkins wrote:
> David Kramer <david at> writes:
>> You know, I hear this all the time, but nobody has every been able to
>> tell me what's so "scary" about it.  What do you think the difference
>> should be between a tag, a branch, and a copy?
> For me, I think the native ACLs are insufficient.  I want to say
> something like "tags are write-by-copy-only" -- i.e., you can create
> stuff in a tag by copying from elsewhere, but you cannot 'write' to a
> tag.
> Right now you can only assign things as read-only or read-write, and
> that's just too course-grained for my tastes.  I think this is what
> Kent is complaining about.
> I suspect that if SVN had more fine-grained ACL controls (and had a
> sample default ACL that made tags write-by-copy-only) that would make
> his life easier...  Or at least solve his biggest gripe.

See, but you're contradicting yourself here.  You want it simple and
automatic, yet you want it infinitely configurable.  You can't have it
both ways until we invent mind-reading computers.

You also can't do anything about people commenting on software without
knowing the facts.  I've already demonstrated in this very thread how
you can make Subversion enforce almost any ACL you want.  You can even
do it using several different techniques, like properties, pre-commit
hooks, and locking.  If you're using https://, you have even more options.

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