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It was a hardware vendor, for a fiber card.  No getting around buying
one of those if you use a SAN.

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On Fri, 2006-08-18 at 09:56 -0400, Josh ChaitinPollak wrote:
> Have you tried just telling them it is RHEL? I'm curious because we  
> use some products that require RHEL and I'd love to use CentOS on
> our  
> development systems.

It makes sense that you can use CentOS for dev systems. They basically
take src rpms, remove RH artwork/branding, and build right?

> Is there anyway for installed programs to figure out it isn't RHEL?
> I  
> have one software package that checks /etc/redhat-release to make  
> sure the text it expects is there. I suppose I'll have to spoof that  
> file on a CentOS machine.

Sure you can spoof to get past the install, but don't lie about it to
your app support folks. Think of the karma, man! If you are going to run
$BIG_APP in production and their support requires RHEL, the suck it up
and pay for the license. 

>From where I sit, it is a good deal. RH provides a stable platform
w/support, ISVs write software for the platform, and we get the benefit
of running a good OS w/ access to source.


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