Quick postfix RTFM question

Jerry Feldman gaf at blu.org
Fri Aug 18 08:11:07 EDT 2006

I have the following entries in my virtual table:
webmaster at fubar.org    name at domain
#ncoic at fubar.org           aolcomplainer at aol.com
gaf at fubar.org                gaf
@fubar.org                     name at domain

Currently, the ncoic at fubar.org is simply going to default to name at domain 
because it will be caught by the @fubar.org entry.

However, I want ncoic at fubar.org to simply bounce as a not found.
One way is I can alias it to a user that is not on our server. If there a 
more proper way to do that. Currently the nobody account is aliased to 

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