How to identify disk abusing process?

Bob - BLU blu at
Mon Aug 14 11:48:20 EDT 2006

On 08/11/06 20:25, Chris Ball wrote:
>    > So here is a Linux question that's been nagging at me.  Is there a
>    > simple (command line) way of identifying processes that are
>    > creating heavy disk i/o?  I suppose I could wrap some shell script
>    > around sar, or poke around in /proc, but thought asking here might
>    > be more productive and fun.  Any thoughts?
> This sort of thing is a fun use of systemtap
> I blogged about another use of systemtap a few months ago:

While not as 'simple' as I was hoping for, systemtap looks very promissing. Thanks, Chris!

I've got hello-world going. But will need to tweak my yum repos, to get debuginfo added to my kernel, and get further in.

Any other ideas that might be usable in more of a 'stock' os configuration?

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