Fedora Core 5 freezes on Dell Dimension E510

Jerry Feldman gaf at blu.org
Mon Aug 14 10:25:03 EDT 2006

On Monday 14 August 2006 9:37 am, Matt Shields wrote:
> I have a Brand new Dell Dimension E510 with Pentium D 940 Dual Core
> (3.2GHz, 800FSB), 1GB memory, 160SATA drive, CD/DVD reader.  I came with
> Windows XP preinstalled and it ran perfect for a week, so I know it's
> not a hardware problem (at least for XP).  I installed FC5 x86_64 (since
> it's Dual Core) and it installs fine, but after logging in and working
> for a couple minutes the whole system freezes.  You can't drop to shell,
> you can't break out of X, nothing.
What kernel are you using? You should be using the SMP kernel. Additionally, 
this processor supports HyperThreading as well. Try disabling the 
hyperthreading. While the 2.6 kernel does support hyperthreading, there are 
some issues. 

Additionally, ATI has a newer driver for your graphics card, and you might 
try to download that.

One more question, can you switch to run level 3, and perform some tasks 
there, and see if you freeze up. 
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