Matej Cepl ceplm at
Sun Aug 13 15:55:20 EDT 2006

On Sun 13. August 2006 14:45, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> You are blasting message from the BLU to many other listservs.
> Please refrain from doing this.
> I've got 3 messages that are coming from you (as Sender:)
> where you are forging the from: and blasting the messages to a
> number of listservs all over the world.

I am really sorry for this -- example of what is misconfigured 
INN able to do together with DSL at home. I am really sorry 


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That distinction is reflected in the apocryphal remark made by a
French diplomat to his British counterpart: "This is all very
well in practice, but will it work in theory?".

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