nfs: sharing directory without running DNS

jbk jbk at
Sun Aug 13 12:02:20 EDT 2006

dsr at wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 08:40:56AM -0400, jbk wrote:
>> dsr at wrote:
>>> Sure. You can specify NFS mounts by IP address, or you can put
>>> names in /etc/hosts on all the machines in question.
>>> -dsr-
>> This I have done, but I still get 'error: no route to host'.
> Are the routes set up correctly can you ping the server from the
> client, and vice versa?
> -dsr-
This system and the connected computers and those that 
connect through dhcp have been operating for over ten years. 
The topology of the network is an independent group of 
computers some with hard addresses and some served by the 
dhcp server on my dsl router. One computer serves as a samba 
server for a workgroup that is mainly serving the one ms 
machine on the network. My netmask is which is not 
what I would use if I had set something up now but years ago 
I knew less than I know now.
The two computers that I am testing the nfs service on are 
both hard addressed and I am ssh -Y ing between them without 
difficulty. They are both running Fc5.
I have tried to set up nfs before and was only successful 
once and I don't remember what it was I did. I have not 
setup hosts.deny or hosts.allow yet because that increases 
the variables to check. The hosts file on the subject 
machines are populated with matching ip's and hostnames.
What leads me to wonder if DNS needs to be set up is that 
the NFS howto's assume fully qualified domain names in there 


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