What interface is a card reader?

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Sat Aug 12 11:36:45 EDT 2006

>>>>> "Laura" == Laura Conrad <lconrad at laymusic.org> writes:

>>>>> "Ilane" == Ilane Walberg <iwalberg at airvana.com> writes:
    Ilane> My hardware guy writes in response to my ping: As for the
    Ilane> card reader, it sounds like she needs to plug it into a USB
    Ilane> header on the motherboard.  Most motherboard (including the
    Ilane> one in your new computer) have one or two 9-pin headers.
    Ilane> If her card reader only has for pins, then it connects to
    Ilane> one side of the header.  

    Laura> Thanks, that sounds like the fact I needed to know.  I'll
    Laura> let you know how it works out.

Yes, that turns out to work.  I finally got around to opening the case
again this morning, and hooked that up and I have a card reader now.

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