Mac ssh question

Scott R Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Fri Aug 11 07:07:47 EDT 2006

This may be a bit off topic, so please forgive -

I'm running Tiger (10.4), and when I ran 10.3.9, I used to be able to perform a
command-line ssh redirect of two IPs to localhost.   Under Tiger, it now yells
at me if I attempt the second redirect, saying the destination is already in
use (or something like that), which is true.

On the PC-side, I do have Putty ssh client redirecting two IPs and their
respective ports to Localhost, and that works fine.

Is there a Mac ssh client that will let me do the same, if the native ssh client
will not?

An example of what I'm [trying to do] doing is:

ssh -L 12345:localhost:12345

ssh -L 12346:localhost:12346

I can do this in putty on my PC for a profile, but no longer under Tiger on my



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