Adding Linux prog to Knome's menu?

John Abreau john.abreau at
Thu Aug 10 16:33:28 EDT 2006

Scott R Ehrlich wrote:

> I have an installation of RHEL 4 and downloaded the latest Mozilla
> from   I want to add that install to the
> Applications/Internet submenu. Where in the filesystem do I add the
> program, or a symlink to it?

I try to keep everything in rpm packages, so my systems are easier to
maintain. It also adds the appropriate gnome menu entry, and I imagine
the corresponding kde menu entry.

There's a good guide to building an rpm from a Firefox tarball, and it
should be fairly straightforward to tweak it to build an rpm from a
seamonkey tarball.

For the past few Firefox and Thunderbird releases, I used these guides
rather than wait for the rpm to appear in the Fedora or CentOS yum

Oh, the Thunderbird Howto is at

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