Clueful [A]DSL provider wanted

John Abreau john.abreau at
Thu Aug 10 16:29:54 EDT 2006

Jon Masters wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm moving to the Boston/Cambridge area from London in just over a
> month. I've been to BLU meets before but hope I'll make a few more now
> that I'm going to be in the country :-)
> Anyway. In preparation for my move, I'm trying to find a clueful
> [A]DSL provider in the area[0]. What I am looking for is:
> * 1-5 static IPs routed to my location.
> * Reverse DNS for those address(es).
> * No blocked ports, transfer limits.

I've heard a lot of good things about I looked them up
just now, and found they've got a 1.5/384 ADSL for $50 per month with
1 static address, and $60 per month ifor 4 static addresses.

Another good site to look at is - you
enter your address and phoen number, and it looks up what broadband
services are available for that address, from many ISPs.

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