Clueful [A]DSL provider wanted

John Chambers jc at
Thu Aug 10 13:13:26 EDT 2006

Laura Conrad commented:
| >>>>> "Jon" == Jon Masters <jonathan at> writes:
|     Jon> Anyway. In preparation for my move, I'm trying to find a clueful
|     Jon> [A]DSL provider in the area[0]. What I am looking for is:
|     Jon> * 1-5 static IPs routed to my location.
|     Jon> * Reverse DNS for those address(es).
|     Jon> * No blocked ports, transfer limits.
| I get all of that from Speakeasy.  The people you deal with seem
| pretty good.  The only major problem I've had is when the actual
| physical line went out and I had to deal with Speakeasy, who dealt
| with Covad, who dealt with Verizon, which is completely clueless about
| how to schedule repair services in my building.  But I don't think you
| can get DSL without having that be a potential problem.

I'll second that.  We've had speakeasy's DSL at our house for  around
two years now, and they've been a pleasure to work with after dealing
with the cable companies.  They  like  linux/unix  users,  they  have
statid  IPs,  they  don't  block  ports,  and they approve of running
servers.  They also encourage "reselling" your link by  sharing  with
neighbors,  and  will  even set up a multi-user billing procedure for
you if you do the wiring/wireless and local admin stuff,  essentially
making you a small distributor.

But mainly, the few times I've had to  call  customer  support,  I've
found myself talking to someone knowledgeable and helpful.

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