Clueful [A]DSL provider wanted

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Thu Aug 10 11:32:08 EDT 2006

On Thursday 10 August 2006 11:11 am, Laura Conrad wrote:

> I get all of that from Speakeasy.  The people you deal with seem
> pretty good.  The only major problem I've had is when the actual
> physical line went out and I had to deal with Speakeasy, who dealt
> with Covad, who dealt with Verizon, which is completely clueless about
> how to schedule repair services in my building.  But I don't think you
> can get DSL without having that be a potential problem.
This is true. If you want DSL, it is the phone company (Verizon) who 
connects the cable to your home/office. 

Also note that Comcast provides business class services including static IP 

For the most part both Speakeasy and Comcast have good reliable Internet and 
phone services. I've heard some horror stories on both. However, I would 
avoid Verizon (as your primary). 
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