Clueful [A]DSL provider wanted

Jon Masters jonathan at
Thu Aug 10 09:45:34 EDT 2006

Hi folks,

I'm moving to the Boston/Cambridge area from London in just over a
month. I've been to BLU meets before but hope I'll make a few more now
that I'm going to be in the country :-)

Anyway. In preparation for my move, I'm trying to find a clueful
[A]DSL provider in the area[0]. What I am looking for is:

* 1-5 static IPs routed to my location.
* Reverse DNS for those address(es).
* No blocked ports, transfer limits.

I don't actually want to run any servers particularly, I just want to
have offsite access and connect myself into a couple of VPNs I've got
in the US/UK and I'm having a tough time finding good local ISPs that
can meet the job. Hopefully, several of you will send me some good
recommendations from your experience and perhaps a link to local
provider listings :-)

While I'm mailing, I'm also curious about local colo outfits. I'm not
looking at the moment, but I can only find a couple of small companies
(clueful colo, folks like that) in Boston/Cambridge. It pretty much
looks like you end up going to NYC if you want East Coast colo -
again, I'm interested to hear about small colo operations run by
communities/small co-ops very much like the ones I work with in the
UK. By that I mean typically unadvertised services that are made
available to people "with clue" on a low cost basis via a couple of
racks on the understanding that support doesn't come with the deal.



[0] I explicitly don't want cable service because I'm looking for the
smaller more clueful type of operation rather than $bigcorp. I'll deal
with less bandwidth if it's run by competent people :-)

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