Windows Usability in Boston (Aug. 22nd - 29th) - This is for IT Professionals

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Wed Aug 9 13:37:15 EDT 2006

I was a bit reticent when asked, but we have a number of IT professionals 
who work in cross-platform situations who might benefit from this.  As 
noted below there is a software gratuity. 

Eric Clausen <ericc at>
Usability Research: Project Manager

Windows Usability in Boston (Aug. 22nd - 29th)

Microsoft's Windows Server team will be conducting research in the
Boston region August 22nd through the 29th.

The team would like to meet with IT Professionals at their workplace to
observe the types of tasks they typically do in a number of areas
including: Supporting users, Managing Clients, Managing their Network,
Managing their servers, Monitoring their environment, Managing storage
and backup, Managing their Printers and Print Servers, and Managing the
security of their IT Environment. 

Their goal is to create a better model of customers from the perspective
of the work they do and the goals they are trying to achieve; the
'Customer Model'. This model will then be used to set user specific
goals with regard to product deliverables for teams across Windows
Server product line, and validate features against real world scenarios.

This research will contribute to all Windows Server Product development
by understanding how to better support the way organizations think about
their work and perform their work with the tools they have today 

These efforts will also unify its management tools by providing insight
in to the way IT Professionals integrate tasks now or would like to
better integrate tasks and help identify how to make IT Management tools
work more effectively to help IT Professionals be more productive 

This is a unique opportunity to help identify opportunities to innovate
products to better support work IT Management practice. All participants
selected for this research will also receive a retail software selection
as a gratuity.

For more information contact Eric Clausen (ericc at for

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