suse installation problems

Greg Rundlett greg.rundlett at
Sun Aug 6 22:55:14 EDT 2006

On 8/6/06, Ken Gosier <ken at> wrote:
> Hi, I picked up SuSe 10.1 from CompUSA, and I can't start the
> installation. The steps I've followed are:
> 1) My CDrom drive is not bootable. When I place the first CD into the
> drive and reboot, the CDrom drive is ignored and the PC boots into
> Windows.

Look for messages on screen as the system boots, telling you which key
to enter 'Setup'.  Usually F2 or some other function key, but
sometimes the 'esc' key.

Pressing this key at the right time will get you into your computer
BIOS, and there should be options for 'boot order' in the BIOS so that
you can tell your computer to boot from disk, floppy and/or CD-ROM.  I
like to use the following order to make it easy to use 'live' CDs and
perhaps a rescue floppy whenever needed and 'default' to disk when
there is no removable media present.

1. CD
2. floppy
3. disk

Once you set this, the system should check for your new SUSE CD during
bootup and boot that :-)

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