Boston/Cambridge area Artificial Life group meeting Mon Aug 7th

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Greetings and apologies for cross postings,

I wanted to let you know about Grey Thumb. We are a group of
scientists, engineers, hackers, artists, and hobbyists in the Boston
metro area with a strong interest in artificial life, artificial
intelligence, biology, algorithms, computer science, and all sorts of
other related topics.

We get together on the first Monday of every month at Christopher's Pub 
in Porter Square in Cambridge, MA, to do a blend of socializing, coding 
and listening to lectures on ALife related subjects.

Our next meeting is Monday, August 7th at 7:00PM. Jonathan Klein will
be presenting on breve. Breve is a free, GPL software package designed
to make it easy to build 2D or 3D simulations of decentralized systems
and artificial life. Jon's presentation is geared towards introducing
new users to breve, such that they can immediately begin creating 
interesting dynamics without a detailed knowledge of the source code.

Grey Thumb is inspired by the Homebrew Computer Club and Make magazine, 
but geared in the direction of artificial life. One of our goals is to 
bring together the academics and the hobbyists, the curious and the 
scholarly, and anyone else who is interested in artificial life.

Christopher's is located at 1920 Massachusetts Ave, in Cambridge,
almost directly across from the Porter Square T Stop on the Red Line.

All are welcome.

For more information, please visit:
(Also note, the web site can sometimes be slow, so please be patient.)

Martin C. Martin, Ph.D.
"Martin C. Martin" <martin at>
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