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[Discuss] AeroFS

"Edward Ned Harvey (blu)" <blu at> writes:

>> From: at [mailto:discuss-
>> at] On Behalf Of Tom Metro
>> Uses closed-source, proprietary software. Nullifies the first point.
> Disagree.  Both windows and mac are closed-source OSes, which provide
> standard crypto libraries to the application layer.  The fact that
> your OS is closed source immediately nullifies your above
> nullification argument, because it's literally impossible for you to
> run a completely open source stack, unless you switch to a different
> OS.

Then don't use closed source OSes? I guess then you have to ask whether
the layer underneath that and the compiler bootstrapping was

> More: While we all agree that more eyes and more scrutiny (open
> source) are good for security of a crypto library, the honest truth
> is, it's more *trained* and dedicated eyes that matters.  And you can
> only count the ones who want to help.  The flip side is that the bad
> guys also get the open source, and sometimes they keep their
> discoveries secret.
> The honest truth is, flaws exist in both open and closed source.  Some
> of each are great.  Some of each are crap.  Some were accidental, and
> some were planted by the NSA coercing Linus (or whoever).
> As a software developer, who develops closed source software that does
> (amongst other things) encryption and transport of user files, I can
> say this: I scrutinize all the open and closed source libraries and
> applications that I use.  I care greatly about using them correctly,
> and ensuring strong crypto to the best of my abilities.  It is
> *appalling* how often I look at open source, as well as closed source
> stuff, and determine that it's bad crypto.

How do you examine closed source crypto? It's a fair argument that the
code being available isn't sufficient to have all its bugs (intentional
or normal) found, but if the code's not available at all...

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