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[Discuss] Fwd: Ubuntu One file services

David Kramer wrote:
> You know, just Thursday I was talking in another group I'm on the Board
> of about the dangers of using free services from other companies for
> mission-critical things like meetings and backlogs.

Free just means that it is a bit more likely to not be a sustainable
business. Free alone is not the problem.

As John points out, you're describing a more general problem with all
cloud services.

The ideal model is open source hosted in the cloud. (Assuming it is for
something for which the privacy and security implications of using the
cloud are acceptable.) That way you get the convenience of outsourcing
the setup and maintenance costs, but in the event the service goes away,
providing you can backup your data, there is a plan "B" where you
migrate to private hosting or another provider.

Ubuntu One wrote:
> We are writing to you to notify you that we will be shutting down the
> Ubuntu One file services, effective 1 June 2014.

I can't say I was all that surprised. I never understood why Canonical
wanted to get into this business, nor why an end-user would prefer to
use Canonical's service. Did it offer anything unique or special?

I get why Canonical wanted to provide a good user experience with a well
integrated cloud storage, but if all they were going to offer was
yet-another-cookie-cutter storage service with a weak security model,
then what's the point? Just create drivers for Drop Box and other
popular services.

As best as I could figure they created Ubuntu One primarily for the
stream of revenue they hoped the premium subscriptions would generate.


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