My .xtendrc file

# These specify where we're getting the data from.
# 'Port' is, well, a serial port.  Something like /dev/ttyS0
# 'File' is a spool file like heyu(1) generates.
# Obviously, you'll need one of these defined, but not both.

File /var/tmp/heyu.out

Statusfile /var/run/x10-status

e1 on echo "E1 on"
e1 off echo "E1 off"

e2 on echo "E2 on" && [ $(($X10_E1)) -ge 128 ] && echo "Both E1 and E2 are now on, turning E3 on" && heyu turn e3 on
e2 off echo "E2 off"

e3 on echo "E3 on"
e3 off echo "E3 off"

e4 on echo "E4 on, sending mail and turning E1 on" ; echo "Hey! Someone tripped the motion sensor!" | mail -s "Security" david ; /usr/local/bin/heyu turn e1 on
e4 off echo "E4 off"

e5 on echo "E5 on"
e5 off echo "E5 off"

e6 on /dload/x10/xtend-1.1/tools/status

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