X10 Software for Linux


From Tymm Twillman at http://mlug.missouri.edu/~tymm/
Sends commands to the Firecracker RF controller. It can send signals to the RF tranceiver module to turn devices on, off, or dim. The Firecracker has three advantages- it's dirt cheap (around $6), it's tiny, and using RF lets you cross circuits easily.


From Daniel B. Suthers at http://heyu.tanj.com/heyu/index.html
Sends and receives X10 signals with the CM11A (ActiveHome). It can report on the status of modules, set the clock in the CM11A, or upload instructions to it for running later (in it's "crontab"). Running heyu will start a daemon process that monitors the CM11A for X10 activity, and accepts commands from heyu to send to the CM11A to turn devices on, off, or dim.


From David Shaw at http://www.jabberwocky.com/software/xtend/
Works in conjunction with heyu. It monitors the output of heyu's relay daemon, and can issue any command based on an event it sees. For instance, that whenever something triggers the motion sensor at code B3, an SMS email can be sent to your pager. Or make your computer play a sound file when you turn on the X10-enabled light in that room. Or even daisy-chain X10 commands so when security setups.

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