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Federico's ARM Roundup

Date and Time

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


MIT Building E-51, Room 335


Federico Lucifredi - flucifredi acm org


Federico Lucifredi previews his OSCON presentation


A detailed review of the features, capabilities, and limits of a number of low-cost ARM Linux platforms available to developers, in disparate form factors and powered by different chip vendors - a number of old classics return joined by brand new hardware. We will put under the microscope (quite literally) the latest hardware: APC (Android PC), Cubieboard, pcDuino (Allwin), Odroid U2, Arndale Board (Samsung), FreeSoC, Gertboard, Gk802 (Freescale), BeagleBone Black (Texas Instruments), Arduino Due, R.PI 512M (Broadcom).


Federico Lucifredi is the maintainer of the man suite, the primary documentation-delivery tool under Linux, a graduate of Boston College and Harvard University, and the Ubuntu Advantage Product Manager at Canonical. As a software engineer-turned-manager at the Novell corporation, Federico was part of the SUSE Linux team for five years, overseeing the update stack of a 150 million dollar maintenance business. Previously, Federico has been a CIO and a network software architect at technology and embedded Linux startups, and he has spent two years teaching in Boston University's graduate and undergraduate programs, while simultaneously consulting for MIT. He is a frequent speaker at user group and conference events, notably the Linux Foundation's LinuxCon, LinuxWorld, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, and the IMPlanet conferences, where he was a panelist representing the Jabber community. Federico is a recognized expert in computing performance issues, and consults pro-bono with Standard and Poor's clients interested in Free/Open Source Software technical and strategic issues. He participated in the GPL v3 drafting process in the large-corporation panel.

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