Boston Linux & UNIX was originally founded in 1994 as part of The Boston Computer Society. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Building E51.

The Virtual Desktop

Date and Time

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


MIT Building E-51, Room 315


Jerry Feldman , Associate Director , Boston Linux & Unix - gaf blu org


Using virtual machines as end-user desktops


Today's desktop and laptop computers mostly support virtualization with very good performance. With multiple cores, even in low-end laptops, nearly anyone can use virtualization. Dual booting Windows and Linux can cause some problems, but running a native Linux with a Windows guest, or Windows with a Linux guest will give you good performance. Other virtualization methods, like VNC and Application virtualization are also very useful. Jerry will also explain a bit about hardware virtualizaton assist that is available on most CPU chips.

BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
We also thank MIT for the use of their facilities.

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